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The location for those trees shall be illustrated by showing the distance from the property lines and buildings on the lot. The plan shall include any new buildings or developments along with those trees to be retained. Payment of the required fees (see below).If the base of a shrub straddles a home line, the written approval of the affected adjoining property owner is needed.

Please note: when all trees are considered dead, dying or hazardous, consult to establish if an arborist report is required. Fees The cost of tree removal varies and may be located at the Tree Permit Application Criteria for the review of a Tree Permit Application The Town's inspection of a Tree Permit Program will take into account the species, dimensions, and health of a tree.

Permits will be issued for trees which may be a danger and dying or dead trees. Even the Parks Division in conjunction with both the Planning and Building Services division and Bylaw Services division may request alterations to a development program to be able to maintain a tree.

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Hoarding (a protection fence around a tree) may be required to protect these trees being maintained through construction onsite. A replacement tree might be required to be planted on the property for each single non-hazard or healthful tree removed. The replacement tree shall be balled and burlapped, and have a minimum diameter of 6 cm (2.4 inches).

The owner will need to provide four (4) copies of a replanting strategy along with a written undertaking to be sure that the replacement planting is carried out to Town standards. If replacement tree(s) are needed, monies or a letter of credit in a form acceptable to the Town of Aurora may be asked to cover the expenses of the replacement trees and the upkeep of the trees for a period of around two (2) years at which time an inspection will be completed along with the monies returned.

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3223. Processing times The normal processing time for applications is thirty (30) days from the entry of a complete Program. The period of time to process the application could be impacted if additional information is required or when the Tree Permit Program is to be reviewed in conjunction with other development programs.

Council will decide whether to approve or refuse the tree permit. The operator may appear before Council to make representation regarding the program by notifying the Clerk. Revocation of check here a Permit Council may revoke a permit issued pursuant to the Bylaw if it had been issued due to mistaken, false or incorrect information obtained from the owner.

The sign shall be provided with the Town and shall notify the following:a) The date of the Council meeting where the program of the Tree Permit will probably be considered.b) The title of this Town official to contact for further info.

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Appeal of a Program An owner can appeal an application to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) These are the conditions under which an owner may appeal an application to the Ontario Municipal Board:a) If Council refuses to issue a license, provided it's within 30 days go right here following the refusal;b) If the municipality fails to make a determination in an application, within 45 days after the application is received by the Clerk; ORc) When the owner objects to a state in the license, provided it's within 30 days following the issuance of this license.

Any corporation that contravenes any provision of the Bylaw and can be guilty of an offence is accountable:a) On a first conviction, to a fine of not over fifty million dollars ($50,000) or $5,000 per tree, whichever is greater; andb) On another conviction, to a fine of not greater than one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) or $10,000 per shrub whichever is greater.

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How do I measure the diameter of a tree you may estimate the diameter of the tree using the paper attached into the tree kit and placing it around the back of this tree roughly 140 cm (55 inches) above the existing grade. For an accurate measurement of the diameter, assess the circumference of the tree in 140 cm (55 inches) over the existing grade and divide by 3.14. What if there are multiple trunks on my own tree.

Do I need to see this site apply for a separate license for each tree I cut No, below one program it's possible to add as many trees as you desire. Trees are cutting down. What do I do When a neighbour has been issued a permit the license is to be submitted in a visible place on the property throughout the period that the trees have been removed.

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